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A Girl’s Guide
to College

Making the Most of the
Best Four Years
of Your Life

by Traci Maynigo

The (reluctant, nervous, lazy, broke, busy, confused)
College Student's Cookbook

by Joshua Lambert

The Redhead

A Fun and Comprehensive Guide to Red Hair and More!
by Cort Cass

What Animal
Are You?

by Jeremy Bronson

Written by a college student, this guide tells girls the truth about collegiate life from dealing with roommates, to surviving classes, to dating. A perfect going-away-to-school present!

A great gift for high school graduates and new college students, this cookbook is all a novice needs to get started in the kitchen, including kitchen set-up help, shopping tips, and recipes for every occasion in college life.

What do Christopher Columbus, Vincent Van Gogh, J. K. Rowling, and Nicole Kidman have in common? They’re all redheads, of course! Learn where redheads came from and what makes them so special.

Are you a sea otter? A wild rat? Or maybe your personality makes you most similar to a puma. Find out in this hilarious and informative book, which will teach you about your personality and the animal kingdom.

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